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Juniors Face June 1 Deadline on Middle School Courses

Bad grade on Algebra!Did your current Junior earn poor grades during middle school on a high-school-level course such as Spanish 1 or Algebra 1? There is a June 1, 2024, deadline to work with a counselor on options to change the impact of such courses on the official high school transcript. 

Students who have missed the deadline may still have options. They can contact their counselor.

  Beyond poor grades, some considerations are:

  • How the middle school grades affect high school GPA and class rank. (Class rank can be a small factor in college admissions. It is set according to “weighted” GPA, a calculation that sets an “A” as worth 4.5 points in honors level courses and 5.0 points in AP and college-level classes.)
  • The impact on graduation requirements if one or more of these credits are removed from the high school transcript.

GHS counselors ask that Class of ’25 students take action by June 1, 2024. The three primary options for the middle school courses are to:

  1. keep those credits and grades on the official transcript
  2. keep those credits but switch some or all grades to “pass”
  3. remove some or all of the credits from the official transcript

—> More information from the District