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Volunteer with the Garfield Community PTSA

Garfield Community Parents and Caregivers!

As we head towards year’s end, we wanted to express our gratitude again for all the ways you have shown up to support our young people and our school. We thank you!

In preparation for next year, we need to fill two critical roles before we head off for summer break:  


1) The first is 1st Day Packets Coordinator. First day packets are the collection of forms and information handed out to GHS students during their class orientation (generally a week before school starts). The packets contain student schedules, a student planner, and all the forms and information from Seattle Public Schools, Garfield High School, and GHS PTSA. We need someone who can oversee a team of volunteers/parents/students to:

  • coordinate with the school on their timelines
  • coordinate with the PTSA Board to make all the necessary edits to documents for the new school year
  • manage the printing and delivery of the documents to the school and
  • coordinate volunteers to help assembly the packets

We have a very clear roadmap for this role and would be happy to share it for more background.

2) The Gala Chair(s). Every year the PTSA produces a great community fundraiser where we raise a a large portion of our annual budget. It’s a great opportunity to come together and celebrate our students and the school and give however we can. This year we held the event at Washington Hall in the CD and are leaning towards having it there again. The Gala Chair (or Chairs if we can find a good team) work with a large team of volunteers to help coordinate all the aspects of the event. This year we have a paid production role as well which helped to support aspects of the event. The board chairs are also instrumental supports throughout the year in making the event happen. But the Gala Chair(s) lead the way!

We also have a very clear roadmap for how the Gala has been done in the past.

Please contact Barbara Rockey, PTSA co-chair, for more information and/or interest in stepping up this year at