Letter Regarding State Basketball Tournament

February 28, 2018

Dear Garfield Student and Families;

Garfield Boys & Girls Basketball teams have qualified for the State Tournament in Tacoma, Washington on March 1st-3rd.  The purpose of this letter is to let you know about the procedures and guidelines for students who plan to attend the State Tournament in Tacoma.

We encourage the GHS students and families to support the team by attending the tournament.  However, we will have school at the regular time.  We expect students who do not attend the tournament to be in class.

  • It is important for you to be aware that the school cannot provide supervision of your student in Tacoma except in the student seating section during the GHS scheduled games.
  • If your student is riding the rooter bus on Thursday, March 1st, the times are listed when the bus will arrive and depart the Garfield and the Tacoma Dome.  If students choose to stay they are responsible for their own transportation.  Students will be expected to be on time for departure back to GHS if they are riding the school bus. 

Student not riding the rooter bus are expected to bring their ticket stub and a note from their parent/guardian excusing their absence.  RETURN NOTE AND STUB TO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE by Monday, March 5thby 4:00p.m.

With our promise to hold school during the state tournament, students who wish to be excused from the school to attend the tournament must remember:

  • Students who are attending the state tournament are responsible for class work and exams missed while they are gone.  Students who attend the tournament without filling out the field trip form or having a signed note from their parent and ticket stub from the Tacoma Dome will not be allowed credit for make up work and may face disciplinary consequences with the school and /or court through the Becca Bill attendance requirements.

Please do not hesitate to call us or look at the Garfield website if you have any questions about the field trip form or about any part of our State Tournament involvement. Thank you for your help in making this event an opportunity to show the rest of the State what a special student body we have at Garfield High School.

Bus will depart Garfield HS @ 9:00a.m., loading on 23rd Ave side bus loading zone.

Bus will return to Garfield at approximately 1:00 (boys only game) or 6:30p.m. (if girls game too.)  Bus will depart the Tacoma Dome at approximately 12:00 noon or 5:30p.m.


Ted Howard