Archived PTSA

Many Thanks to ALL Community Celebration Volunteers!

On behalf of the Garfield High Community PTSA, we would like to thank the entire Garfield community for your gracious support for this year’s gala!

Vivian Wilson and Corrine Crabs, this year’s celebration Co-Chairs: Thank You for an incredible event of community and support for Garfield High School!

To the volunteers and Co-Chairs:

Thank you for the countless hours of beading Mardi Gras necklaces, making custom sashes, procurement of items for the live and raise the paddle, storing of donations and making countless phone calls for dessert donations, or making desserts.

Thank you for recruiting student performers, student volunteers for the night, planning and recording the amazing Garfield community video.

We thank you for procuring wine and making the wine toss so much fun, coordinating a list of volunteers for set-up and clean-up, ordering food for student performers and volunteers, and creating the beautiful invitations.

Thank you for your work with the Golden Grads and alumni, planning the schedule of events for the night, marketing through social media, and Garfield’s PTSA website. And conducting interviews and submitting stories about the celebration to community papers and blogs.

Thank you for getting everything set-up into Greater Giving and managing ticket sales at various levels, creating seating arrangements, numbering table tents, planning and set-up for PB &J, and completing the final reconciliation for the auction.

This community celebration was made possible by All of You! We are extremely grateful for your commitment to the students, teachers and the Garfield Community and its legacy. If we forgot anyone, we apologize and know that everyone’s contribution was extremely important.

We hoping to have a post-event thank you for volunteers. Please be on the look out for a Date, Time and Location.

Thanks to all, especially Vivian Wilson and Corrine Crabs!

Garfield Community PTSA