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Meet Danielle Bock! Student Assistance Counselor

We are lucky enough to have a full-time Prevention-Intervention Specialist on campus at Garfield. Danielle Bock is a native Seattlite with 11 years of experience in the field at Denny and Washington Middle Schools, and the Seattle Juvenile Superior Court. She is a licensed drug and alcohol prevention professional and is currently in her second year working at GHS.

Anyone who is concerned about a student can refer them to her, including parents, staff, teachers, or other students. Ms. Bock offers screening tools, service referrals, interventions, education, support groups, resources, and counseling for a whole range of issues in addition to drug and alcohol use. Please contact her at to make a referral, or to get more information.

She also runs the Bulldog Prevention Squad, where students work to promote health and safety through peer leadership. The Squad meets Thursdays during lunch and advisory and new members are welcome! The poster in the photo above is part of their Social Norms campaign to change kids’ perceptions: it reads, “TRUTH: 4 out of 5 Central Area 10th graders DON’T use marijuana.”

Here are her recommendations for families:

  • Talk to your kids about drug and alcohol use early and regularly
  • Make your expectations and consequences clear
  • Provide guidelines

More details are available in this pamphlet from Children’s Hospital.

Ways to reach Ms. Bock: or dbock@psesd.orgGarfield High School Auditorium Office Q113. (206) 252-2387 office phone; (206) 487-7400 work cell