Meet Jimmy Brown, New Math Teacher

The Garfield PTSA reached out to our new teachers with a few questions – e.g. tell us about yourself and why you went into teaching, do you have any pets, what activities do you enjoy and what advice would you share?  Until we can meet in person, it’s nice to get to know our teachers in some way that we can. 

My name is Jimmy Brown. I am a product of Seattle Public Schools, returning to the foundry in which I was forged. I got my undergraduate degree in engineering but it felt pretty unfulfilling and I ended up working for a catering company for a long time, which strangely brought me more joy. I realized that what feeds me is helping others, and I found myself back in school getting my master’s in education.

I student taught at Cleveland last year and taught at Garfield during the summer before in the Summer Bridge Program. So far I love this school and the community! I’m really excited to meet the students in person.


Welcome to Garfield, Mr Brown!  -Garfield PTSA