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Meet Porcia Beard! New 2016 GHS Attendance Secretary

Ms. Beard worked at Cleveland High School for 3 years before coming to Garfield this year. Before that she worked with issues of truancy, drug and alcohol abuse and juvenile justice at Therapeutic Health Services.

She is a GHS grad, class of 1986, and recently attended her 30-year reunion! She has fond memories of the close, family-oriented, Bulldog vibe at Garfield and some of her best friends today are from high school. She finds Garfield students to be very sweet and well-mannered and enjoys when they drop in to the attendance office to say hello.

She advises parents to check in with her on their student’s attendance and also check in with their students on issues such as their grades, behavior and friends. If a student has excessive absences she suggests working with the counseling and administration to look for solutions. The most common reason for absenteeism is academic struggles; peer problems such as bullying can also be a cause. Be on the alert if your student shows changes in their behavior, especially if they become withdrawn or isolated. Garfield has many great resources such as the Teen Health Center for counseling as well as the school nurse and community resources.

Ms. Beard welcomes calls from parents at the attendance office at (206) 252-2271! See the school website for attendance forms, policies and regulations.