New Building Access Procedures

Starting this week, Garfield is incorporating new building access procedures. In an April 18 email, Principal Tarance Hart said they “are an effort to fortify the safety of our campus by better controlling access to our building.”

  • Students and staff will enter and exit the main building at the main entrance.
  • The entrance is set on a timer system that unlocks the door at 7:15 am until the start of 1st period. The timer system will unlock and relock the door at the beginning an end of each passing period and during lunch.
  • Students attempting to entire the building outside of passing periods are required to use the call box to request entry into the main building. Students are expected to provide their full names and grade levels to enter the building outside of passing periods.
  • All side doors will be limited to Emergency Exiting only and should not be used to enter and exit the building.
  • Students should not open any door to allow any person into the building, regardless of if they are a student or staff member. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a school-based response/consequence.