Pitch Your Story to Ignite Education Lab 2019

Ignite Education Lab allows educators, parents and students to share their stories about schools and schooling. Ignite speakers use presentations with 20 slides timed to appear for just 15 seconds each.

Check out the presentations from this year’s Ignite Education Lab to get a better understanding of the format.

Ignite Education Lab 2019 will take place in early March. Stay tuned for the exact date, location and the link to get your free tickets.

What are the requirements to pitch?

Pitches are accepted from people of all ages, employment and educational backgrounds. The general prompt has been: Tell us about an experience that illuminated a larger truth to you about education. Whether that’s K-12, college, home-school, or anything else you’ve experienced. School is the focus.

That being said, they are especially interested this year in stories about special education.

To pitch, call (206) 464-2300 and leave a voicemail. Your ideas do not have to be completely fleshed out — just a general concept. Make sure to spell out your first and last name, and include an email address.

You may also send a follow-up email to with “Ignite Education Lab” in the subject.

What’s the deadline for pitching?

January 18, 2019.