PTSA Funds at Work to Create a Calming Space

Garfield’s Counseling Office is pleased to announce the renovation of its conference room into a space for prayer, therapy sessions, listening to records and, of course, a calming space. Students, staff, and community organizations are welcome to explore this space in creative ways. The counselors will also be hosting weekly small group workshops around various topics, including mindfulness, vaping, social media/screen use, etc.

Garfield’s counselors hope to inspire students to think differently about how schools look and function. Ultimately, they hope it’s a space for all to enjoy. Feel free to visit the space anytime!

This renovation was made possible by a grant from the Garfield PTSA and by the generosity of Emily Chou-Lee and Gina Kim at Urban Getaways Design & Style, who donated their time and talents to create a beautiful and inviting space.