Safety Issues Discussed at Dec. 12 PTSA Meeting

Principal Hart provided updates on issues such as school safety during his presentation at the PTSA Board meeting Tuesday. Also, the PTSA leadership announced the appointment of Kendra Sims as Vice President.

Dr. Hart said:

  • Garfield is welcoming work by Community Passageways, a nonprofit whose staff enter a neighborhood and establish street credibility that helps them mentor teens and young adults, and intervene before tensions lead to violent incidents or other issues. The organization is best known for its work in Rainier Beach neighborhood, but has now established a Central District presence.Dr. Hart is meeting with Community Passageways next week and hopes it will continue to increase its efforts near Garfield.
  • Threats of violence led to cancellation of after-school activities on Tuesday (Dec. 12). No actual incidents were reported as of Tuesday evening. Dr. Hart also noted that a Nov. 30 incident characterized in the media as an armed robbery was in fact a theft. [Dr. Hart further discussed these incidents in an email sent to families on Dec. 12.]
  • Garfield continues to have two security staff, the same as other Seattle public high schools with much lower enrollment. Dr. Hart believes GHS needs more such staff, and wondered whether community advocacy could bring this message to District leadership. It was noted that data on the number and type of safety incidents would be useful.
  • The Jan. 10 Parent-Teacher Conference Day and Financial Aid Form Workshop will be firmed up soon. Families will receive information on how to sign up for conferences via Zoom or in person. PTSA Board members suggested that PTSA funds and/or volunteers might be helpful on that day.
  • The new PTSA-funded Volunteer Coordinator is expected to be at work in January. The school is still seeking to hire an interim Assistant Principal to replace Greg Barnes, who left last month, and a Fiscal Specialist.
  • The primary All-Gender Bathroom location has been finalized, and will be available in January.