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Get Ready for the SAT on Oct. 11

All seniors except those with College-Board-approved accommodations are to take the SAT on Wednesday, Oct. 11.  Garfield has presented the following information for the test-takers: 


  • Seniors will be assigned to a third-floor testing location before Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday, Seniors should report to the testing location by 8:50 am. 
  • Including administration activities, the SAT will take 3 hours and 50 minutes.
  • After the test, students will eat lunch.


  • Seniors taking the SAT should bring a photo ID, at least two #2 pencils, and an approved calculator. The entire test will be on paper — the digital/computer version of the SAT will not be used in the United States until spring. 
  • A transparent water bottle may be placed on the floor near the student’s desk.
  • Calculators can only be on desks during the math calculator section; they should be on the floor at all other times.
  • Cellphone must be powered down. Proctors will explain how to store them.


  • Bathroom Breaks: Proctors will monitor students during breaks to ensure no access to prohibited items.
  • Parents and students can access administration guides and manuals on the College Board website.
  • The District offers further information about the test and preparation for it.
  • Deadlines have passed for students with a 504 plan or IEP ) to submit a request for accommodations (extra time, etc.) to the College Board. More info.
  • For future reference, Garfield parent Emily Lieberman has experience with the accommodations-request process and can be contacted for support.
  • A qualifying score on the SAT can be used as a graduation pathway for ELA and/or math. Current qualifying scores are 410 for ELA and 430 for math.