District Letter on High School Assignment Proposal for HCC

District Representatives attended the October Garfield Community PTSA Board meeting and presented information regarding the high school boundary changes in 2019 and the possible impacts on Garfield. This meeting was one of many taking place across the district, including the five community open houses planned in the different school regions, where the District is providing the same information to all parents.

After the meeting, the District took the questions we had asked and sent back answers to share with our families (below). We will update this page on our website with more information as it is provided.

October 19, 2017

Dear Garfield High School Families,

The district is in the process of updating the 2017-18 Student Assignment Plan (SAP) and developing new high school boundaries for implementation in 2019-20.

One area of this work under review is how we serve our high school advanced learners. Given the opening of Lincoln High School in 2019, development of new boundaries, and the upward trend in the number of students who are eligible for Advanced Learning services, we have been seeking input on how to improve access to high school Advanced Learning programs and courses across the district.

Additionally, as part of this review we have been examining the projected Highly Capable (HC) enrollment at Garfield High School. Currently, HC seats at Garfield are reserved for any student who has participated in the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) in eighth grade. Within a few years, the majority of Garfield’s student body will be students who have participated in the HCC program, limiting neighborhood student enrollment and access. Garfield will struggle to meet HC capacity needs while also maintaining strong neighborhood student enrollment.