Seattle Medium Article on Positive Impact of Garfield Coaches

When it comes to Seattle’s African American community, the heart and soul of pride, especially as it relates to athletics, is deeply rooted in the Central Area. Yes, there are many success stories from other parts of the city like Rainier Valley, Rainier Beach and Beacon Hill but it’s hard to overlook the legacy of the Central.

Historically there has been a collaboration of coaches from the Central Area Youth Association (CAYA) and Garfield High School that have not only brought prominence and championships to the area at all levels, but who also served as mentors and role models for young men during critical times of their lives. The impact that these men had on the lives of young men from the community is still prevalent today as many of their former players are living productive lives, providing mentorship and are, in their own right, helping to transform young boys into men both on and off the field. … Click to read moreBy Chris B. Bennett in The Seattle Medium.