Skills Center Summer Opportunities

Summer and school year applications are online now:

The Seattle Skills Center application for next school year (for students 16 to 20 years old) and for this summer are both available online. Just a reminder, the summer courses are free, students earn .5 HS credit, and are open to incoming 9th graders through 12th graders (seniors who are not graduating may take a summer course). We emphasize hands-on learning, field trips, guest speakers, and career exploration. Summer Skills Center will run from July 9 to August 3, 11:30 AM to 4:15 PM, Monday through Friday. Bus tokens or Orca cards will be provided.


Summer Skills Center courses and locations

  1. West Seattle
    • Intro to Culinary Arts
    • Intro to Medical Careers
    • Intro to Automotive Technology
    • Intro to Graphic arts
    • (Waiting on 9th Grade Advantage)
  2. Nathan Hale:
    • Intro to Multimedia Broadcasting (radio station)
    • Intro to Horticulture
  3. South lake:
    • Intro to Computer Applications;
    • Intro to Teaching Academy/Careers in Ed
    • Intro to Recording Arts
  4. Seattle World School:
    • Intro to Video Production (Media Arts)
    • Intro to Computer Applications
    • Intro to Interpretation/Translation
  5. Roosevelt:
    • Intro to Culinary Arts
    • Intro to Engineering
    • (Waiting on 9th Grade Advantage)
  6. Ballard HS:
    • Intro to Computer Animation (“Cyber Camp”) (full – waitlisted)
    • Intro to Culinary Arts
    • Intro to Graphic Arts
    • Intro to Molecular Biology Research Techniques
    • (Waiting on 9th Grade Advantage)
  7. Rainier Beach:
    • Intro to Construction Trades
    • Intro to Culinary Arts
    • Intro to Aerospace Technology (manufacturing)
    • Intro to Firefighting and EMS
    • (Waiting on 9th Grade Advantage)
  8. Seattle Maritime Academy
    • Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations (2 concurrent sessions)
  9. AIE at Seattle Center:
    • Intro to Computer Animation (“Cyber Camp”) (full – waitlisted)
  10. John Marshall building
    • Intro to Medical Careers

Please note these highlighted new and renewed courses offered this summer (full descriptions available on the application page):

Intro to Careers in Education/Teaching Academy: learn about education techniques and prepare to fill a critical role as an IA or teacher in Seattle Public Schools. Located at South Lake High School.

Intro to Computer Applications: Students are introduced to software products used in business today, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Apply these skills to resume building, career search, and college readiness. 
Located at South lake HS and Seattle World School

Intro to Construction Trades: learn tool skills, build a tiny house for a homeless village, and learn about the high wage, high demand employment opportunities. Located at Rainier beach HS.

Intro to Culinary Arts: Learn various cooking techniques during hands-on food production labs. Increase your knowledge of the culinary industry and occupations, and eat some delicious food!  Multiple locations (several seats still available at the Rainier beach HS location).

Intro to Firefighting & Emergency Medical Services: This course introduces students to careers as fire fighters and other emergency services careers. It includes instruction in firefighting equipment operation and maintenance. Located at Rainier Beach HS.

Intro to Horticulture: Students will have the opportunity to learn through direct experiences through hands-on learning at the Nathan Hale Urban Farm and gain insight into related careers. Located at Nathan Hale HS.

Intro to Interpretation/Translation: This course is for students who speak two languages (one of them must be English) and are interested in helping others communicate. Students will use the skills of a professional interpreter while learning about the ethics of translation and interpreting. Located at Seattle World School.

Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations: Spend time on the waterfront in Ballard and on the water on the Salish Sea! Build skills that will help you move into a career in the robust maritime economy, whether you work on a ferry boat during summers in college or enter a career as a merchant mariner and travel the world. Located on the Seattle Central College campus of the Seattle Maritime Academy.

Intro to Media Arts: be part of the creative economy of Seattle! Have fun creating while earning a living. Summer courses at various locations.

Intro to Molecular Biology Research Techniques: learn techniques that research scientists use in the laboratory. Located at Ballard High School

Intro to Recording Arts: Learn about designing and producing sound recordings for a variety of multimedia and popular musical forms. Located at South Lake HS.