SPS and SEA Negotiations 2018

Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association Reach Tentative Agreement on Aug. 31, 2018

We are excited to share that the Seattle Education Association and district have reached a tentative contract agreement. School will begin on Wed., Sept. 5 for 1st through 12 grade students and Mon., Sept. 10 for kindergarten students. The SEA general membership assembly will vote on the proposed contract on Sat., Sept. 8.

SEA represents our educators, substitutes, paraprofessionals, instructional assistants, and office professionals. Our staff are our heroes. They work incredibly hard every day supporting our students and families, and it is the district’s job to support our staff as best we can.

Since May, a joint team of approximately 45 Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and Seattle Education Association (SEA) representatives have been negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. The entire team has been working hard to ensure the negotiation process progresses smoothly and that the bargaining teams reach an agreement before the start of the school year.

This year the team was engaged in interest-based bargaining. This new approach to bargaining builds on our shared commitment to students and to common goals, such as racial equity. We are excited to offer enhanced supports to our educators in the tentative agreement. Details will be released after the SEA general membership meeting.

One priority issue during negotiations has been educator compensation. We believe our educators and support staff deserve a competitive, fair salary package and as a district we want to be able to attract and retain the very best educators for our students. Our bargaining team has worked hard to provide the best compensation package we can possibly afford while maintaining critical services and programs for students. We value our incredible educators and look forward to a great first day!