SPS Open Enrollment, Feb. 4-15

Dear Seattle Public Schools families,

This notice is to share information about your student’s school assignment for next year and the Open Enrollment for School Choice process. Each student in Seattle Public Schools is assigned to a school, based on where that student lives. Students may apply to attend a different school through the Open Enrollment for School Choice Process, which takes place February 4 – 15, 2019.

If your student is currently attending an option school or another school that is not their attendance area school by choice, they can continue at this school until the highest grade offered without having to apply again. If your student is currently attending an option school but wishes to attend a neighborhood school in 2019-20, you will need to apply through the School Choice process.

Applying for Another School

If you are interested in requesting either an attendance area school or option school, other than your assigned school, you must submit a School Choice form. Only forms submitted during Open Enrollment (Feb. 4- Feb. 15), will receive tiebreakers such as the sibling tiebreaker which gives siblings priority in admissions.

We encourage families to apply during the Open Enrollment period. Applications received after Open Enrollment are date stamped and priority is based on the date in which the application is received. School Choice forms will be available on Monday, February 4 online or at the John Stanford Center. More information and the forms are available on the School Choice page.

Below are some common reasons to participate in Open Enrollment for School Choice.

  1. To return to your neighborhood school from a choice school, submit a choice form. Students are guaranteed a seat back at their neighborhood school if students apply by May 31, and Special Education service needs can be met at their neighborhood school.
  2. If your family has moved outside of your student’s current school boundaries but you wish for your child to remain at their current school, submit a choice form. A seat at the current school is subject to space availability; there is no guarantee. If you don’t submit a choice form, your student will have an automatic reassignment to a new attendance school for next school year.
    • If you have moved outside of the SPS school district but want to stay at SPS, you must complete a Choice Transfer Request (CTR) form through your home district and reapply starting June 1 (Not eligible to apply during Open Enrollment) as a non-resident by submitting a non-resident choice form along with CTR for review. Seats are subject to space availability.  
  1. Dual Language Immersion (DLI). All current DLI students entering into their 6th or 9th grade next year who would like to remain in their dual language immersion pathway must apply through School Choice during the open enrollment period. You will be guaranteed an assignment.
  2. Apply to an Advanced Learning Opportunity (Spectrum site). Although Advanced Learning Opportunities are available at every school, students in grades 1-5 who have received the Advanced Learner (AL) designation may apply to a Spectrum Site; assignments are subject to limited availability.
    • More information about Spectrum Sites.
    • 5th graders enrolled as an Advanced Learner will receive an initial assignment to AL at their attendance area middle school for 6th grade; no application is required.
  1. Apply to a Highly Capable (HC) Pathway. In 2019, two additional HC high school pathways have been added: West Seattle High School and Lincoln High School.
    • Currently enrolled 8th graders attending an HC Cohort (HCC) Pathway are guaranteed admission into their HC pathway high school (Garfield, Lincoln, or West Seattle) in 9th grade based on where they live, and DO NOT need to apply during Open Enrollment.
    • Students eligible for HC services entering 9th grade who did not attend an HC Cohort Pathway School in 8th grade, will have a guaranteed HC Pathway seat at their HC pathway high school (Garfield, Lincoln, or West Seattle), but a Choice Form must be submitted during Open Enrollment.
    • Students with an HC designation currently attending their attendance area or option high school who wish to attend an HC pathway high school, will have a guaranteed seat at their HC pathway high school (Garfield, Lincoln, or West Seattle), but a Choice Form must be submitted during Open Enrollment.
    • More information about Highly Capable pathways, including elementary and middle school pathways.

Reviewing Your Student’s 2019-20 School Assignment

Next year’s assignments are now available in the Assignment Lookup Tool on the district website. Please note that your child’s school assignment may have changed due to new school boundaries and the opening of new schools in fall 2019. To view your child’s assignment, you will need your child’s date of birth and student ID number. You can find your child’s student ID by contacting Admissions at 206-252-0760 or by logging in to your account on The Source:

If you have additional questions, please contact