Students Needed for UW Research Study

Want to earn money and contribute to innovative scientific research? The Stress and Development Lab at the University of Washington is looking for high school students to participate in a short research study. For just 2 short hours of your time, students will earn $40 and parents $15. We’re happy to work around your schedule, and we are also able to provide free parking to accommodate your needs!

The study is looking at how family and social life affect high schoolers’ social thinking and mental health. During the study visit, teens will have their blood pressure taken, answer some questionnaires about their family and their mental health, and complete some computer activities related to social interaction. Parents will answer a shorter set of questionnaires. Everyone will also get a chance to ask questions about the study and how you’re helping us by answering our questions!

For more information please email or call 206-221-9276. We look forward to seeing you soon!