The Heart & Soul of PTSA Communications: Heidi Unruh and Noël Hudson

The PTSA is losing two of its most amazing volunteers this month: eBark Editor Heidi Unruh and former Communications Chair Noël Hudson. It’s hard to properly thank them, but here is our small tribute.
During the past three school years, Garfield has had three principals and oh-so-many pandemic-generated changes. Through it all, one editor ensured that the PTSA’s eBark newsletter arrived in your in-boxes every Wednesday. And not just any newsletter! Rather than plug in news releases, Heidi Unruh made sure to sniff out important school and community news that families needed and might not otherwise find. Heidi has made such a difference! We thank you for your dedication, and wish you well as your new GHS graduate, Audrey, goes off to college.
Noël Hudson, PTSA Communications Chair from 2018-2021, is—all by herself—a whirlwind of activity, delightfully accented by her Texas heritage! Noel’s leadership expanded the reach of eBark and other PTSA communications efforts in many ways. She became well known in the building, gained the trust of school administrators and PTSA colleagues alike, and even did the types of things most feared in any organization, such as documenting tasks and policies so future volunteers have an easier time taking on their new roles. It is so hard to say good-bye to Noël as a Communications Team volunteer … so we’ll just say thank you!