The Messenger Article — “Attendance Policy Shake-Up”

Vacations, hiking trips, out of school sports games: all thing that now cannot be excused with a pre-planned absence form at Garfield.

Many students have noticed this change as their attempts to excuse absences are hindered by the recently-enacted policy.

“We started having the pre-planned attendance policy which was for kids to…do educational vacations,” Ms. Portia Beard, the Truancy Intervention Specialist for Garfield, commented in an interview.

These forms initially were for anything that didn’t fall under the typical medical, dental, and other appointments.

“Over the years we’ve been using the pre-planned as a way for kids to go on vacations or and do sports, things of that nature,” Beard continued.

The predicament is, Garfield is out of compliance with the school district’s policy on excused absences, and has been for years. January 2nd was the deadline for getting back into compliance. … Click to read more.

By Sophie R. in The Garfield Messenger student paper. Subscribe or donate to support great student reporting.