The Messenger Article — “Homeless in High School”

What the recent increase in homelessness means.

According to a new study by The Seattle Atlas for Student Homelessness, 1 in 13 Garfield students are homeless. The district wide study found that Garfield, a leader in Basketball and Robotics, also leads in its homeless population, with 136 homeless students enrolled. In the past four years, that number has increased by 84%, thanks mostly to increased reporting of homelessness.

These numbers give one an idea of the scope of homelessness, but, statistics like these can be easily dismissed or forgotten. One cannot empathize or connect with a number; instead, it’s through stories and portraits that people understand the numbers. So, what does it mean to be homeless at Garfield, and what is life like for some of those 136? … Click to read more.

By Patrick W. in The Garfield Messenger student paper. Subscribe or donate to support great student reporting.