Vaping and Excessive Phone Use

On April 18, Principal Tarance Hart emailed families a statement about vaping on campus and excessive phone usage during instructional time:

“As a school community, we desperately need the support of families in addressing these challenges with their students.”

  • In response to this escalating problem, any student found in possession of a vape device or who is seen vaping by school staff will be assigned to support groups during Wednesday lunch and office hours.
  • Each support group session, led by Counselor Daniel Lee, will last 30 minutes.
  • Students who receive their first referral for a phone or vaping offense will be assigned two of the support group sessions.
  • Subsequent offenses will follow the more traditional disciplinary process, escalating to detention or Saturday school.
  • Support groups will emphasize the health risks of certain behaviors, as well as how to develop coping skills and replacement behaviors.