Volunteer Coordinator Appointed

Jhitana L. Ball has been appointed as Garfield’s new Volunteer Coordinator, Principal Tarance Hart has announced. The part-time position is funded through donations to the PTSA. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Hart’s email of Jan. 3, 2024:

A Garfield alumna and parent, Ms. Ball’s extensive experience in team management, procedure development, and advocacy equips her with the necessary skills to support the building of an impactful volunteer program. 

Ms. Ball will initially focus on recruiting, onboarding, and training Campus Volunteers. These volunteers, essential for hallway monitoring, lunchtime supervision, and after-school safety support, are an important tool in strengthening campus safety.  Empirical evidence, such as the findings from Hamlin and Li’s 2020 study in the Journal of School Violence,* demonstrates that well-trained volunteers, particularly parents, can significantly enhance school safety.  

In addition to Campus Volunteers, Ms. Ball will also oversee several other key volunteer opportunities:

  1. After-School Programs: Assisting or leading extracurricular activities and clubs.
  2. Academic Support: Helping students with coursework, test prep, and study skills.
  3. Career Exploration: Helping students explore various career paths and opportunities for job shadowing.
  4. Mentoring: Providing a supportive environment for students to discuss personal and academic matters.
  5. Testing Support: Assisting with administering standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, SBAC, and AP exams.
  6. Field Trip Chaperones: Ensuring student safety and engagement during educational trips.
  7. Event Chaperones: Supervising and managing student activities during special events like proms and dances.

Each of these roles plays a significant part in enriching the student experience, promoting academic success, and fostering a positive school culture. We are confident in Ms. Ball’s abilities to organize, communicate effectively, and lead this crucial program. Please join us in warmly welcoming Ms. Ball to her new role at Garfield High School.

* Hamlin, D., & Li, A. (2020). The Relationship between Parent Volunteering in School and School Safety in Disadvantaged Urban Neighborhoods. Journal of School Violence, 19(3), 362-376.