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Where Does PTSA Money Go?

This year Garfield’s Library received zero dollars for materials from the school budget and, facing a huge budget shortfall next year, the district is proposing to employ librarians at only half time. Years of research show that a strong school library contributes significantly to student success – for ALL students. (Click here to read more about the importance of school libraries.)

Our outstanding librarian Mr. Manzin relies on PTSA money to pay for a library assistant as well as to purchase books and materials. He has been augmenting the library’s fiction collection with more non-European and contemporary titles to better reflect the students at Garfield, and next he aims to update the library’s non-fiction collection, most of which dates from the 1990s. This is in addition to time spent teaching students how to access the information they need, how to assess the quality of that information, and how best to use technology for that purpose. In an age awash with junk information, school libraries and librarians are more important than ever.

Supporting Mr. Manzin and the Garfield library is just one reason for the annual PTSA fundraiser. Please join us! To purchase tickets or make a tax-deductible donation, visit: