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Limited ‘Windows’ for Purchasing Yearbook

The next window for purchasing Garfield’s yearbook, The Arrow, is scheduled to be March 29-April 5

—> You will be able to buy on the SchoolPay website.

(Parents/guardians can also access SchoolPay on the non-mobile version of  The Source. Look for it in the tabs on left of screen).

The price is $60. Eligible students may have the cost reduced. (See below.)

About Yearbook Purchasing

Pre-purchase of the Arrow is possible only during a few 3-week or shorter windows spread through the year. This schedule allows it to be sold without state and local sales tax.

  • It is important to pre-order the yearbook, as the school is not able to buy “extra” copies to have available in mid-June.
  • Seniors who may not be able to afford a yearbook should contact their counselor or the yearbook teacher, Mr. Lovre. PTSA funds help support reduced-cost options.

Other Yearbook info:

Senior Photos

Seniors were required to submit portraits, baby pictures and quotes by Nov. 9.

Senior Ads

Deadline to buy Senior ads: Mid-March! More info.