Winter 2024 PTSA Grants: Civil Rights Trip, Clubs

The Building Leadership Team (BLT) recently approved more than $2,500 in PTSA Small Grants for a civil rights education trip and student club activities. In February, the BLT will continue considering applications submitted in 2023-24’s second round.

The major allocation is $1,500 to support the annual Garfield Civil Rights Field Trip, which is in its 3rd year. GHS and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle collaborate on a weeklong excursion – this time to Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta in March. An application process was used to select 18 GHS students, whose travel costs will be fully covered. They will visit sites related to the history of the civil rights movement, as well as tour some Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), where they’ll connect with Garfield alumni.

Most of the funding comes from other sources. The PTSA funds will support an additional chaperone and other costs of  “a unique learning experience designed to prepare our next wave of Civil Rights Leaders.”

Student Club allocations of up to $350 for general expenses such as food and materials, unless otherwise noted. (This is a second round of funds for clubs — more to come.)

  • Futsal Club
  • Pickleball Club
  • Garden Club

The Small Grants funding process is underwritten by the PTSA, but all decisions are made by the BLT, which includes GHS administrators, staff, teachers and two PTSA representatives. At least one additional round of 2023-24 funding will be available to applicants (teachers, staff, student clubs).