Funding Options

Have a great idea that needs some funding?

The PTSA has dollars available via  the following options.

Teacher/Staff Stipend

Empty classroomFor classroom supplies or other forms of academic or social/emotional enrichment, up to $350 total per school year. Lots of potential uses that are up to the teacher or staff member. No application involved, but you must follow instructions below.

  • Automatically available to: GHS teachers and staff
  • Funding: Total of $350 per school year per teacher or staff member
  • Deadline: Check Requests must be submitted by June 15
  • Process: Complete a Check Request form, attach receipts (required). Turn in a hard copy to the PTSA Treasurer’s folder in the school’s main office OR email the form along with scanned copy of receipts to

Allow two weeks for processing. You may also request that the PTSA pay a third-party invoice by attaching it to the Check Request form (in lieu of reimbursement).
NOTE:  The PTSA reserves the right not to honor a Check Request that does not follow these protocols.

Small Grants

For one-time expenses up to $2,500. Simple application required.

  • Available to: GHS teachers, staff, departments, clubs, or activity (proposals can involve families, students)
  • Funding:  Grant proposals for up to $2,500 are awarded by the Garfield Building Leadership Team from a pool of funds set aside in the PTSA annual budget.
  • Application deadlines and process: Usually four deadlines during the school year. See details and application process on the Small Grants page

Large Grants

This process is temporarily suspended. Contact the PTSA at to learn whether funding may be available for a project with expenses greater than $2,500.

Available to: GHS teachers, staff, departments, clubs, or activity
Funding: Proposals for funding over $2,500 are part of the PTSA budget process but can be awarded throughout the year depending upon available funds.
Deadlines and process: Early spring for the next school year’s funding cycle. Dates are set by the PTSA Budget Committee.) See details on the Large Grants page.