Garfield Donors Help Families in Need

PTSA donors and other funders have ensured that students and families facing financial stress have been receiving store gift cards and other assistance, according to Porcia Beard, one of Garfield’s family/student outreach staff members.

The contributions have covered a wide range of needs:

  • Groceries and snacks
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Help for families experience homelessness
  • Housing items
  • Clothing/shoes
  • School supplies
  • Caps and gowns

Funding has also come from Garfield alumni, the community at large and the Right Now Needs Fund of the Alliance for Education, Ms. Beard said.

 “Garfield appreciates all the love and support the community has given us through the past few years to help support our students,” Ms. Beard said.

“We all know that sometimes life gets difficult and we have obstacles that get in the way,” she added. “The gracious donations have been a saving grace for our families.”

“The community’s acts of kindness have helped our students remove barriers to help them be successful at school and to be their best. Thank you for your partnerships. It takes a village….”