How to Support Garfield Theatre

Supporters of Theatre at Garfield High (STAGE) need your help!

Does your student participate in Garfield’s inclusive, creative, and talented theatre program? Do they come home energized and delighted to be working hard with their peers and teachers to create wonderful stage productions for all to enjoy?

If so, please consider joining STAGE, the non-profit, parent-run organization that supports the Garfield theatre program. Parents of students in all aspects of theatre are welcome — tech (set, props, costumes, lights, sound), improv, or performance. STAGE takes on many roles, including paying for the rights to shows, staffing the box office, funding theatre field trips, supplying props and costumes, and providing meals and snacks to get our theatre students through their long days and nights..

Board officer positions are filled for 2023-2024, but STAGE needs more members to help ensure theatre teacher Natalie Gress and our incredibly talented students are supported this year and beyond. Contact us at for more information. Help us keep Garfield theatre thriving!