Issue 5 of The Messenger is Out

Issue 5 of the Messenger is out, with the following letter from the Editors:

“Black history matters all year round, and Black voices deserve to be heard and recognized every single day. But, February gives us a special opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the honest truths of Black and African Americans. 

All too often during the year, we pay close attention to only the struggles of the past– to only the hardships and setbacks, the trials and tribulations of an oppressed people. During Black History Month, not only do we get to recognize the resilience of past pioneers, but also the achievements of the present and the aspirations of the future.

In this issue of the Messenger, we accumulated art, writing, and poetry submissions from Black students and community members. These brilliant pieces of work showcase how beautiful, strong, and talented Garfield’s Black community truly is. Thank you to everyone who sent in their work and allowed us to share their unique stories and perspectives.”

View the issue here: