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Location Switch for College Presentations

Pencils point to word 'college'College admission presentations will be held in the Commons, as of Oct. 25, Ms. Bigham has announced.

Students and families can check the list of colleges here … but to RSVP students must  register through the Student Portal’s “Clever” login, which offers a link to Naviance.

Students need to know the new procedure to attend a presentation:

  1. Student goes to Advisory first and checks in for attendance
  2. Student shows Advisory teacher their RSVP for the college visit from Naviance
  3. Advisory teacher writes a pass and sends them to the Commons
  4. After the presentation, the student either returns to Advisory with their pass or is excused to 3rd period class

Ms. Bigham is available in Room 120 to help any student not sure how to run Naviance RSVPs!