One Garfield

Meet Miller Sherling! GHS School Nurse

Nurse Sherling joined Garfield in the fall of 2013 after doing her Master’s in Nursing at Seattle U. She is originally from Alabama. Her family lives in the neighborhood, and she heard about the position from the retiring nurse Chris Cordell.

She has learned so much at Garfield. She likes best that the staff is “politically aware, on fire and active” in addressing inequity. In her job, she sees disparaties in students’ backgrounds every day.

The biggest health issue she sees among students is anxiety, which can appear in the form of headaches, stomachaches and nausea. Also, nutrition, eating enough and making good food choices.

Her advice for parents is to “scaffold,” or help kids build skills in independent self-regulation by giving them good decision-making tools and modeling appropriate behavior. Look to partner with professionals at school—teachers, counselors, nurse—to work together in a team effort. Also, understanding the importance of limiting media use is critical.

Nurse Sherling will take a sabbatical in the 2017-2018 school year to live in Zurich with her family! Garfield’s nurse for that year will be Rich Ramsey.