One Garfield

Meet Monique Minor! Main Office Administrative Assistant

Monique Minor originally comes from the Central District, and her parents still live there. Her brother went to GHS! She lived in Colorado for 15 years but moved back to Seattle 11 years ago.

She started as an Administrative Assistant in the Main Office last November. Previously, she was in a supervisor support role at Therapeutic Health Services, a chemical dependency and mental health agency, which has counselors here on campus.

What she likes about being at GHS is the family feeling and community, and being in-the-know about the school, especially since her daughter is a senior. Next year, she’ll have another daughter coming as a 9th grader, and she’s excited to have them here.

Her advice is to stay involved! For students, stay involved in schoolwork and activities, and for parents, help your kids with their stresses and challenges by staying involved with what’s going on with them.