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Your PTSA Dollars Do More for Academic Support

Y-Scholars — PTSA 2023-24 investment: $8,000

This excerpt from the Seattle YMCA Blog provides one great example of  how PTSA dollars help change the lives of Garfield students as they navigate what can be a tricky path to college:

“Brianna Lynn Smith’s earliest memories of Y Scholars at Garfield High School are warm and communal. ‘After a long day of school, there were snacks provided, I’d see my friends, we’d chat about the day, then we’d get started on our homework. It was a calm and peaceful environment to get work done.’

“As she neared senior year, Brianna kept returning to her dream of attending UW. She started working with a Y Scholars volunteer writing mentor and shared her post-high school goals. …”

Read Brianna’s full story on the Seattle YMCA website.

Donate now to help the PTSA fund part of the cost of Y-Scholars at Garfield, as well as other vital academic support programs not provided by the School District.