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Recommendation Letters for College

Request for Letter of Recommendation graphicGarfield’s resources for students applying to college include a “Request for Letters of Recommendation” form to be filled out and provided to teachers, counselors and others. 

The form asks students to help the writer of the letter by providing a variety of information, some of which will take careful thought. Students are asked for a list of activities, interests, jobs/volunteer positions and more. (Most of these items will also be required by the Common App and other online college-application services.)

Prompts on the form include:

  • List four words or phrases that describe you.
  • If there is something special or unique about you (which you would like to have mentioned in the letter), please
  • Discuss your personal and professional goals.

The form should be provided to the letter-writers at least two weeks in advance of the college’s application deadline!

Students should follow up with the writer(s) to learn if any questions arose … and to say or otherwise show thanks.

Download the form from the Garfield Counseling Forms web page. This form may also be in the student’s Schoology account (“Counselor” course). Students should seek out their counselor if they have questions.