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Feb. 16 Deadline for 2 Free Years of College

Josh Valdez
Josh Valdez

Hello again Garfield families!

This is Josh Valdez, Outreach Specialist at Garfield for Seattle Promise, the program that offers free tuition of up to 2 years (or 90 college credits) at any one of the Seattle Colleges (North, Central, South)!

We’re a few weeks away from Feb. 16, which is the last day to submit an application to use Seattle Promise for fall 2024 admission and classes.¬†

If you and your student are still looking for an affordable back-up plan, or just rethinking college plans overall, this will guarantee a safe option just in case! Students can always opt-out from the program and that is okay!

To apply and hold eligibility, students must apply to both our scholarship and to the colleges using the links below:

P.S. For students who apply, and would like to transfer to either UW or Seattle University, they will be able to receive priority support services/admissions (and in some cases be able to continue their free tuition scholarship). More information about this in the links below:

Thank you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call/text me at (206) 661-8473!