TeenTix Teen Arts and Opportunity Fair – Accepting Submissions

The Teen Arts and Opportunity Fair is a chance to showcase youth artwork from all over, featuring pieces by TeenTix’s MTAC (Mentorship for Teen Artists of Color) program and submissions across Washington state. We will also include teen-centric opportunities that are occurring in the upcoming months such jobs, internships, and volunteer work from local arts-based organizations. The Fair will be compiled into a video that will begin streaming on Saturday, 6/11 and will be broadcast at the Seattle Center on Sunday, 6/12!

To submit an application for your artwork to be part of our Youth Showcase, head to this link! We are accepting any art form (including visual art, music, dance, theater, etc) for our showcase. For performances, the maximum length allotted is 5-6 minutes. Each person can submit up to 3 pieces. Applications are due by May 10th.