Thank You to PTSA Volunteers and Departing Officers

Thank you from the PTSA President

Thank You to the PTSA President and Vice President

To Our Wonderful PTSA Volunteers,

As your PTSA President, I wanted to send out a personal thank you for all of your support, love, time and efforts this year. I am convinced we have the best PTSA in our city!

No matter what role you held, project you worked on, last-minute thing you jumped in on, something large or something small, it all made a serious impact in our school community. We have some really amazing folks that just show up and are willing to go the distance for Garfield and for that I am extremely grateful and so proud to work alongside you all.

I want to shout out some special senior parents who are moving on but have done some heavy lifting: Linda Casey, Tracy Reed, Janel Lardizabal, and my partner in crime, Sara Dickerman. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work; I could not have done this without you!

To all of our PTSA volunteers, deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart for your service and commitment to Garfield. 

Kayla Epting

2022-2023 Garfield PTSA President

To Our Wonderful PTSA President and Vice President,

As the awed fellow Board members of the Garfield PTSA, we cannot do enough to thank our superstar departing officers: President Kayla Epting (2020-23) and Vice President Sara Dickerman (2020-23).

You have put thousands of hours (yes, really) into supporting the students, staff and families of Garfield High School, and in just about every which way.  If we have the best PTSA in our city, it is a testament to the dedication and bravery both of you have shown in shepherding our organization during the pandemic and beyond.

We are so proud to have worked alongside you. You have not gone the distance … you have gone way beyond!

We know you also would want us to shout out departing Officers who will still be Garfield parents next year: Thank you so much to Co-Treasurer Mary Murray (2021-23) and Co-Secretary Smita Corpron (2022-23) for your efforts now and in the future.

2022-2023 Garfield PTSA Board