The Messenger Article — “They’ve Got the Beat: A Look into the GHS Recording Arts Studio”

If you walk into Room 118, you’ll be transported into a mini-world within Garfield. In one corner, students listen to music and analyze the lyrics; in another, students huddle together over computers, taking their headphones off just long enough to discuss a possible change before turning their attention back to the computer. The grind doesn’t end once the bell rings. Come into the room during non-class time and you’ll still see students hard at work.

This is the recording arts studio, located on the first floor of Garfield. There are five recording arts classes taught by teacher Paul Schoen, but the studio is open to all students, regardless of if they’re currently enrolled in a recording arts class. … Click to read more.

By Mena B. in The Garfield Messenger student paper. Subscribe or donate to support great student reporting.