The Garfield Annual Fund Needs You!

Dear Garfield families,

Thank you to the families who have already donated to the Annual Fund.  Your contributions make a real difference!  For example, staff and students apply four times a year for PTSA Small Grants evaluated by the Garfield Building Leadership Team.  In October, this group of dedicated teachers, students, and staff along with a PTSA representative allocated funds to last week’s 9th Grade Report Card Conferences and to the purchase of World Language readers and Native American novels for classroom use.  Next month (on January 16, 2020), supplemental funding for student clubs will be considered and the need is substantial.  Over $20,000 in applications have already been received, and your dollars make it possible to support our students’ drive and creative energy by funding their club activities as best we can.  

If you have not yet done so, please send in your gift today (or donate online below).  We are still trending behind on fundraising compared to past years. No donation is too small, every dollar makes our school stronger.  All of us – Garfield students, teachers, staff and fellow parents – thank YOU for your generous partnership and support.

Tracy Reed, 2019-20 Annual Fund Chair